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Re: Re[Xen-users] lease 0.8.9 of GPL PV drivers for Windows


I've recently got the time to use the 0.8.9 drivers on a fresh and completely 
upgraded (SP3)
Version of XP Pro 32bit (german) and on a W2K3 SBS SP2 32bit (german) with 
former 0.7.something PV
drivers. Host System is 3.2.0 64bit.

I didn't find any problems even on heavy disk and net IO. I'll report ioperf 
results in the next
few days.

One thing that isn't clear to me are the domU vif configuration. For former 
driver versions, I
used type=netfront for the PV drivers, the recent drivers seems to work only 
with the type=ioemu.
I'm not sure how to configure the vifs.

For blockdevices I continue using xvdN.

Thanks for this release!



James Harper schrieb:

Nope, there are at least 4 firewalls that will stop you..


I can however  do some debugging if you like?

I'll send you a list of the stuff I want to know.



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