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Re: [Xen-users] Routing problem in bridged setup

Pepe Barbe wrote:

I am having some routing troubles with my Xen setup.

I have two domUs, one running as a firewall and another running as a dmz:

The dom0 has the following:
- eth0 bridge (

The domU-firewall has the following:
- Direct passthrough PCI NIC (Public Internet)
- Virtual NIC connected to the eth0 bridge on dom0 (
- Bridge called brdmz for the dmz zone (

The domU-dmz has the following:
- Virtual NIC connected to the brdmz in domU-firewall (

So far can I can make the domU-firewall and domU-dmz talk to each other without problem. Using IPTables/NAT on domU-firewall I can route to the public internet from dom0/Local Lan and from the domU-dmz. But I can't communicate from the domU-dmz to local lan and viceversa. I've made sure that there are no IPTables rules blocking this kind of traffic, so all I am left is with the possiblity of a routing problem: domU-firewall not forwarding packets from the local lan to the dmz bridge for some reason.

Your domU-firewall is NAT'ing traffic to the public internet, right?

In which case I would say that either you're not fowarding traffic through the firewall (/proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward contains '0' or your FORWARD chain in the firewall is blocking traffic.


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