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Re: [Xen-users] Invalid install location

> Nothing to change.  You're gonna need much newer hardware if you want
> HVM.  The x445 is pretty old and the processors and BIOS on those
> systems do not support hardware virtualization.

Strange, I received your reply 4 times if not more and Todd's twice.

Anyhow, I've got these machines sitting idle so thought they might be perfect 
for this from what I've read. Seems that others have been able to use them, 
I'll have to ask about I guess.


 From Todd's reply;

>The easy way to check is to check for the vmx cpu flag (since it is an Intel 
>chip) in >/proc/cpuinfo
>(for AMD that flag is svm)

The CPUs are XEON and I don't see any mention of vmx in cpuinfo.

>You may just need to turn on virutalization support in the BIOS.

I don't recall that option in the BIOS? I'll have to go take another look then. 
Perhaps I need to flash the newest BIOS for the machine? Anyone else using this 
hardware who might have some input? I'll start another thread on this.

>For a Linux guest you may simply be able to make a custom PV guest config file 
>save the following in a file and store it in /etc/xen

>kernel = "/boot/<dom0 kernel>"
>ramdisk = "/boot/<dom0 initrd>"
>disk = ['tap:aio:/path/to/qmail-disk-image,hda,w']
>memory=<number in megabytes>
>vif = [' ']

Saved as pvguest then, have copied your config and will look at the docs 

>disk = ['tap:aio:/path/to/qmail-disk-image,hda,w']
>disk = ['phy:/path/to/qmail-partition,hda1,w']

One thing that interests me about virtualizing is that I can keep guests as 
files, right? If that's the case, I'd like to create a file which would be the 
guests 'drive'. I'll have to go read some more to find out how I can do this 
since this would be my first guest os.


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