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Re: [Xen-users] Live migration not moving the disk image. Is is supposed to?

On Thu, 15 May 2008, Jamie J. Begin wrote:

> >From my reading, it looks like performing "xm migrate -live domU
> target_server" ought to also copy the disk image.  Am I right?
> When I attempt this procedure, everything looks to work except for the image
> file getting moved.  The command takes about 30 seconds to complete and then
> "xm list" shows the domU to be gone from the old host and running on the new
> host.  The SSH connection to the domU also continues to function without a
> hiccup. However, the disk image isn't located anywhere on the new server.
> Also, the xen log on the new server lists the following error:
> [2008-05-15 19:10:21 xend 3790] ERROR (XendCheckpoint:275) Device 51712
> (tap) could not be connected.
> /virt/myserver.img does not exist

That sounds pretty much like expected behavior. This is why you require
something like NFS, DRBD, iSCSI to have the storage available over more
than one machine at a time.


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