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Re: [Xen-users] PCI Passthru working on RHEL 5.1?

Nadolski, Ed wrote:
What Linux(es) is PCI passthru known to work?  I'm a Xen newbie trying
to get PCI passthru to work on RHEL5.1.  Has anyone successfully done
this?  I get the "seizing device" from pciback in dom0 but lspci in the
domU shows nothing, and dmesg in the domU shows no messages from
pcifront.  My domU config file entry looks like this:

pci = [ '07:00.0' ]

Any thoughts?  Do I need to rebuild the kernel with pcifront linked in?
(I'm not sure if RHEL does that by default).

Thanks in advance,

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This is most definitely working in RHEL 5.1. I used it recently to pass four Ethernet interfaces through to a guest that uses them for network monitoring. I think the only difference I have is that I used the bus id as part of the PCI string. So, I had pci=[ "0000:10:00.0" ].

I had to load the pciback module early on in the boot sequence by adding "modprobe pciback" into a file called /etc/rc.modules (needs to be executable) as per the Deployment Guide's instructions. Otherwise, the Ethernet modules got there first, and I had to unload them before I could use pciback to claim the devices.


Hope this helps,

Mark C.

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