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Re: [Xen-users] vcpus higher than real cpus possible?

On Sat, 17 May 2008, [ISO-8859-2] David Hláèik wrote:

> Hello, i have just migrated machine to xen server where only 2 cpus are
> available. I have copied config from machine where domU was located before.
> That machine had 4 CPUS (QUADCORE), current machine has 2 CPUS (1 XEON
> 2cores).
> I have forgot to change vcpus from 4 to 2 in config, but .. what really
> surprised me ... machine started . How it is possible? It was really slow
> alltought and not possible for working (Windows server 2003).

Since Xen is always doing this :) Think for one processor having 2 DomU's
running. Technically you have then 3 vcpu's on the same moment. It is just
about scheduling tasks for a vcpu.


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