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Re: [Xen-users] opensolaris dom0, debian domU?

> It's easy enough to get xen running as a dom0 on the new opensolaris
> release - but that leads to the not so easy question of how to get
> debian running as a domU (most of the instructions I find use
> debootstrap - which is only helpful for running on a debian dom0).

Are you sure that's the case?  I was under the impression that debootstrap was 
a self-contained tool and so ought to be able to compile on non-Debian 
systems.  ISTR compiling it on a RH-alike Linux distro.  Not ever tried it on 
Solaris tho...

Another similar Debian tool is crosshurd (ignore the mention of hurd, it's not 
specific to that system!), which I guess could also be worth a try.

Another possible option: maybe you can set up a Linux userspace in a Solaris 
Zone, then use that for creating the image?  Not ideal, I realise...

> Any guidance anybody can offer?

Do you have HVM support?  If so, then you should just be able to install from 
CD-ROM.  I've successfully installed domains in HVM mode and converted them 
to PV mode in the past, if you want to end up with a Xenified guest.


Push Me Pull You - Distributed SCM tool (http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/~maw48/pmpu/)

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