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Re: [Xen-users] IBM x445, anyone using it?

> > While searching on why I can't seem to get ServeRAID 4Mx controllers
> > working all of a sudden, I came across an article on IBM's site that
> > VMWare runs on the even older x440.
> >
> > Does that mean that Xen is the culprit, not being very compatible with
> > older gear or something else?
> Not necessarily...  it's all a matter of limitations. You'll find that
> VMware on those boxen is, like Xen, limited to 32 bit OSs and all the
> physical limitations of hte 32 bit architecture...  the versions of
> VMware that we tested on 440s, 445s and that generation of System X
> machines was based on RHEL 2.1 and RHEL 3.  So you're limited by the
> limitations of the underlying OS...

Nb VMware would give you full virtualisation support on your pre-HVM hardware, 
which Xen can't give you.

> Xen, on the other hand, works rather well with RHEL 5 and SLES 10, and
> I've heard, though not tried this myself, RHEL 4 and SLES 9.
> heck, I'm running it right now on an old single core box w/ RHEL 5.1
> and 16GB ram for my own development purposes...

I suggest you try a "vanilla" virt-manager install of a non-preconfigured 
guest, as Jeff described in his previous e-mail.  As he observed, since dom0 
is apparently booting OK on your machine, your hardware is basically 100% 
certain to be able to support Xen domUs as well.  If dom0 boots, paravirt 
domUs should *always* boot.

What you're running into is most to be a weird CentOS / virt-manager behaviour 
rather than a true Xen problem or a hardware-specific problem.


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