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[Xen-users] Should I use bridged or routed networking?

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  • Date: Tue, 20 May 2008 21:57:05 -0400
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I have a physical server with four interfaces. Dom0 will be running Shorewall to take care of the firewall/routing functions of our network.  A domU will be running Asterisk for VoIP, and a second domU will serve up a basic website.  I also intend to eventually bring up another DomU running SER (a SIP proxy) to assist external VoIP clients who are behind a NAT gateway.  I am planning on using the four physical interfaces as follows:


eth0: Connected to our LAN.


eth1: DMZ.  This will primarily contain a Cisco PIX to provide legacy access to our VPN, which is in the process of being replaced with OpenVPN.  I would also like to bring up the public web server here. I will likely setup a static NAT config in Shorewall for this zone.


eth2: Internal VoIP network. In the office we have a physically separate LAN (separate cabling, switch, etc) which will interconnect the VoIP phones and the (virtualized) Asterisk server.


eth3: Our T1 connection to the Internet.  Our telecom provider is also providing our voice trunking via SIP handoff, so both voice and data will be coming in on this interface.


Once I get my head wrapped around all of this and get a stable config working, I’d also like to swap out the dual-port NIC with a quad-port.  I’d then add in two additional zones for a backup DSL connection and wifi access.


I’m very comfortable with Asterisk and moderately experienced with Shorewall, but still rather new to Xen and am having difficulty visualizing the proper network config to use.  Bridged? Routed? With a handful of servers and switches I’m sure I’d manage much better, but that’s not very efficient. :-) Anyone have any suggestions?  Thanks!

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