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Re: [Xen-users] opensuse10.3 host and windows XP guest via Xen/Vbx

Hi Jörg,

> Unfortunately VBox 1.6 doesn't support OpenGL driver.
are there any VM-solutions that do so?

As far as I know virtualization is good for everything expect programs
that need direct/exclusive/performant access to the hardware!

So things like 3D-Games, video- or audio-processing are not quite good
usable in such a solution.

> May Xen would bring a better value.
I use Xen only for server-virtualization where I don't need graphics or
where I'm happy with VNC.

There are modules for direct PCI-access, but may be it's not good for
grafics-adapters and Linux accesses the HVM-domains via VNC or SDL.

Chau y hasta luego,


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