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RE: [Xen-users] Xen: The processor(s) in this machine do not supportfull virtualization.

Mark Williamson wrote:
> Hello!
> > did that mean my local processor doesn't scope the perfomance which is
> > needed for virtualization?
> >
> > my notebook sprec:
> >
> > Dell inspiron 8600
> >
> > Processor (CPU): Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 1.60GHz
> >
> > Total memory (RAM):  461.9 MB
> Javier has already very eloquently described the meaning of the message 
> you're 
> seeing.
> I'll just note that if you need full virtualisation (for instance to run 
> Windows) you could try one of the solutions he suggested (qemu/kqemu, VPC,
> VMWare) and note that there is also Parallels and VirtualBox.
> qemu / kqemu and VirtualBox are Open Source, Free software.  The others are 
> commercial.
> I've been rather impressed with VirtualBox on my pre-HVM machine recently.
> I'll also note that Xen/HVM, VirtualBox and kvm all use code from the qemu 
> project, so in some sense it's one of the "parents" of Open Source 
> virtualisation.
> > A other questions which concerning to the openGL. I am not shure, but
> > will Xen support OpenGL or not?
> Xen only supports a relatively low performance 2D graphics interface for 
> guests.  There is a Free OpenGL virtualisation solution called VMGL by H.  
> Andrés Lagar-Cavilla (http://www.cs.toronto.edu/~andreslc/xen-gl/) although I 
> don't know if that's in continuing development.  It can run some full 
> featured GL apps, as you can see from the screenshots.  I don't know if it 
> would support Compiz, though.
> It won't work with Windows guests, so its applications to gaming are somewhat 
> limited by that.
> 3D virtualisation is hard.  VMGL was one approach to it, Jacob Gorm Hansen 
> did 
> some work on it too.  I know other people who have been looking into 3D 
> virtualisation under Xen but I can't guarantee what they'll produce or when 
> they'll produce it.
> There are also people working on 3D virtualisation for other virtual machine 
> programs, both Open Source and proprietary.  I think we'll see more solutions 
> popping up in the future.
> > For what I should focus on for my next notebook, to have full 3D support
> > with Xen.
> It would be nice but there are no concrete plans for if / when Xen will have 
> full 3D support for domUs.

Without knowing fully what the future holds. I would look at Xen advanced
graphics support being provided through a combination of PV drivers that
interface with SDL or some remote display technology like NX (or both).

I would also think OpenGL library support would come through the Mesa
framework in some fashion.

These are just obvious choices that I am hypothesizing about.


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