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Re: [Xen-users] Can't add second sparse image file to win2k3 domU [Resolved - kind of]

On Wednesday May 14 2008 11:51:38 am James Pifer wrote:
> I got the second drive working by:
> 1) removing the domU from virt-manager.
> 2) Re-add it in virt-manager and added both drives in the config.
> 3) Booted the OS and now disk manager sees it.
> This worked, but why did I have to go through the hassle?

Virt-manager keeps its own config file. If you change things in your own 

1) Stop the domain in virt-manager
2) delete the domain in virt-manager,; or at a command line, do 'xm delete 
domain-name' (or 'virsh undefine domain-name')
3) update your config, and do 'xm new domain.cfg' (or 'virsh define xml-file', 
if you keep your config in xml format)

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