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[Xen-users] problems with i2o on XEN kernel when using high memory support in kernel

Hi all,
I was using xen 3.2.0 with the kernel 2.6.21-xen #2 SMP on gentoo and 
everything was fine until I've decided to extend RAM up to 6GB.

in the same .config which I previously used to prepare the dom0 kernel I've 
changed High Memory Support from 4GB to 64GB and compiled it again.
I've also recompiled xen-3.2.0 with pae flag. 

After rebooting, system crashed when udev was trying to load i2o_core module. 
So I've added the i2o_core to the blacklist and the system wake up but 
unfortunately no /dev/sda* files were present. 

I have Adaptec RAID controler with two harddrives but the / is on ATA (not 
RAID)  disk.

Any help will be appreciated,
Bets regards

Radomir Klacza

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