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Re: [Xen-users] Shutting down full virt DomU

On Tuesday May 27 2008 03:08:28 pm Glen Eustace wrote:
> From within the DomU, if I tell windows to shutdown, it does and does
> in virt-manager as 'shutdown' with no dom id.  But it would appear that
> it is really still there.  I can not 'destroy' it as I haven't got an Id
> anymore and if I try to 'create' it, I get an error saying the name
> already exists.  I did manage to start it again from virt-manager by
> just using the 'Right-click RUN' command.
> When I shutdown linux DomU's (all PV), the DomU disappears completely
> from the list and I restart with xm create.
> Is this expected behavior ? or am I doing something wrong.

Your up against the difference between 'xm create' and 'xm new'. 'new' just 
puts the domain configuration in xenstore, awaiting an 'xm start' to run the 
domain - but when you shutdown, the domain definition is still in xenstore 
until you do an 'xm delete'. Virsh has similar options define/undefine/start, 
and this is what clicking the buttons in virt-manager is doing behind the 

Your pv domains, just coincidentally, were either not created with 
virt-manager or virt-install. or you deleted the domain in virt-manager 
somewhere along the way. All domains created by virt-manager/install linger 
in xenstore till deleted, whether pv or hvm.

> What I was trying to do above, was to change the CD device to use a
> different ISO.  I tried xm block-detach but that doesn't seem to work
> without a --force, and then Windows still thinks the drive exists.  The
> drive went away after the restart, as performed above.
> I then used xm block-attach and whilst virt-manager shows the device as
> I had hoped, Windows doesn't however.  I tried getting device manager to
> rediscover but that didn't work either.
> How does one change CDs with a PV ?

You don't. You can't boot off a cdrom in a pv domain - only in an hvm domain. 
In fact, I've never gotten an 'xm block-attach' of a cdrom to actually do 
anything in a pv domain. 'xm' seems happy, the device shows up in xenstore, 
but the pv domain has nothing new in /dev. Looking at it from virt-manager, 
you can only add a disk partition or simple file as a storage device in a pv 
domain. By contrast, an hvm domain has many more options, including 'ide 

But you were talking about Windows, and thus hvm. I can usually get an hvm 
domain to see 'something', but it may be something that was in there 1 or 2 
block-attach's ago! I have the most luck switching from a physical cdrom to 
an .iso file, change my cd, then switch back (block-attach) the cdrom drive. 
It's a bit buggy. YMMV.

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