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Re: [Xen-users] Windows HVMs No Longer Run

On Thursday May 22 2008 02:41:46 pm Nick Couchman wrote:
> Okay, just upgraded to SLES10 SP2 which has XEN version 3.2. ÂBy and large
> things are working much better, with the exception that I can no longer run
> Windows-based HVMs. ÂThe HVM domUs start, the Windows boot screen loads,
> but when they go to switch to the graphical console, they just hang and eat
> the CPU. ÂThere are no other clues - no messages in dmesg or xm dmesg or xm
> log. ÂAttached is one of the qemu-dm*.log files from one of the domains
> that's currently eating as much CPU as Xen will allow. ÂAlso attached is
> the config file for that domU.

The only thing that looks suspicious is the 'bridge=xenbr108' option. (You 
also don't need the trailing ',' in 'disk=' either.) One of the things that 
changed in 3.2 is the default bridge is eth0, same as the non-xen net 
interface. Check 'brctl show' to make sure that your bridge is actually being 
created, and which bridge shown has peth0 (the xen physical interface) in it.

Something else you could try is create a test Windows domain, and compare the 
config created to the one you have.

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