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RE: [Xen-users] GPL PV Drivers for Windows: install.bat problem

> I just played with the new GPL PV driver release a bit, and there's a
> problem when running the included install.bat from a read-only device
> (pvdriver.zip was extracted, and "burned" to virtual CD)
> Cause of this problem:
> During installation dpinst.exe is copied to the matching driver
> (located on the install media) and executed there. Unfortunately this
> fails (silently) when executing from CD.
> Maybe it'd be better to copy both dpinst.exe and the driver directory
> %TEMP% and execute from there?

Yes, the current situation is not ideal. I'm contemplating using
something like nsis to build an installer out of. For now though, you'll
have to make do with copying the files yourself :)


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