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[Xen-users] pass multicore cpu to domU?

Hello, I'm relatively new to Xen and am facing a problem that is bugging me greatly.

I have a server that has 2xquad core xeons. Among other things, there is a windows based statistical app that we need to be able to run. This app is smp enabled, and I would like to allocate either one or both physical cpus to it.

As I understand it, is that xen treats each core as a vpu, and the concept of a 'quad-core cpu' is lost.

The problem I am facing is that, because the app is windows based, I obviously need to use a windows guest. Windows XP will only recognise up to 2 cpus. According to other sources I've read, it bases this restriction on the number of sockets used, rather than cores. So if I installed XP on the bare metal server, I would have full access to all the CPUs. Naturally, I would really prefer to avoid using Windows XP as a host OS.

Is there some way to group the vpus into virtual sockets, so that Windows XP will make use of more than just two vpus? The only other option would be to purchase Windows Enterprise Server, which is prohibitively expensive.


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