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Re: [Xen-users] PV drivers on HVM opensuse 10.3

On Fri, May 30, 2008 at 01:59:07AM +0200, Emre ERENOGLU wrote:
> On Fri, May 30, 2008 at 12:40 AM, jim burns <jim_burn@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > On Thursday May 29 2008 07:57:22 am Sebastian Ries wrote:
> > > linux-inna:/mnt/xen-3.2-testing.hg/unmodified_drivers/linux-2.6 # make
> > > -C /lib/modules/ M=$PWD modules
> > > make: Entering directory `/usr/src/linux-'
> >
> > Umm - is there a reason you are compiling against the default kernel,
> > instead of the xen or xenpae kernel?
> Well, the entire reason for having these "unmodified_drivers" aka PV Drivers
> for Linux is to be able to use your own Distro (possibly recent) kernel,
> with near PV performance thanks to the PV drivers.

you are right - the normal distri-kernel is easier to maintain, so it would
be very nice to use it with the PV-drivers.

> >
> > You can certainly connect to PV & HVM domains alike with vnc.

How to configure? I thought a PV domain has no BIOS and therefore i can connect 
with the "xm console" command ?

regards Danny

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