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[Xen-users] Centos5.1 x64 kernel works, x64xen doesnt. Fails with repeated "drive appears confused".

Not sure the proper etiquette for this, but since I dropped a dmesg dump over
on CentOs I thought it would be more polite to post a link to it here,
rather than posting it all here too. My problem is that running the x64 xen
kernel on Centos5.1 causes weird failures of my cdrom. It seems that the xen
kernel isn't mapping interrupts properly, and it also seems to be failing to
read the e820 information. As a noob I have no idea if this is related. The
dmesg reports "BIOS bug", but the BIOS seems to get it right in the non-xen
kernel. I have an intel 5100 chipset, supermicro X7DCL-i mobo. The link to
the Centos forum post is:


I think CentOS 5.1 is xen 3.0.3...


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