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Re: [Xen-users] HVM-WindowsXP DomU freezes 10 second while RDP-client try to connect to

On Saturday May 31 2008 03:26:10 am Daniel Schwager wrote:
> i installed an HVM WinXP-SP2 (english) on a xen-3.2.1.
> if I try to connect to the RDP-port, the winxp-DomU freeze for about 10
> seconds (can't make any action on the vnc-viewer, all running programs do
> not update there view (e.g. windows clock does not run) and the "xm top"
> shows me 100% CPU load on this domain.
> After this 10 seconds, I got the normal rdp-login and all works fine ...
> I reinstalled the winxp from scratch with a german-version - the same
> behavior.
> a) IMPORTANT: Could somebody confirm this behavior ? Please try to connect
> via mstsc/rdeskop to your HVM-WindowsXP ... please try it.
> b) Does somebody could help me to track down this prob ?

Yeah, I've seen this. While I overwhelmingly recommend using linux rdesktop to 
connect to Windows over vnc, that's it's one drawback. Now, I can live with a 
10 sec freeze on initial connect, but it doesn't stop there. Whenever I 
minimize the rdesktop window and come back later, it takes a couple of 
seconds for rdesktop to 'wake up' - the previous contents of the desktop, 
including the old time, are still visible, usually for 5 secs or less, but 
sometimes for 5 mins. I enabled icmp echo/reply in Windows Firewall 
exceptions after the 5 min episode, just to convince myself that the domain 
was still running, and the freezes have been much shorter ever since - don't 
know if that's related or not. (Btw, at the same time as the 5 min freeze, a 
vnc window was very much alive.)

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