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[Xen-users] GPLPV - ShutdownMon not working

/ /
/ Having an issue here with the ShutdownMon service - when I try to /start
/ the service, I get an error 193: 0xc1.  If I try to run it manually, I/ get
/ an error that it isn't a valid Win32 application.  I have the .Net/
/ Framework 2.0 SP1 installed - any other ideas as to what might be /wrong?
/ /

ShutdownMon isn't a .net app anymore, and hasn't been for a while.

You aren't the only one to report this though so I'm a bit curious as to
what is going on... are you using x32?

Can you put your copy of shutdownmon somewhere that I could download it?
Attaching it to an email almost certainly won't get through my spam



I notice the same here. I'm unable to install and start shutdownmon. Running 
on a x86-64 host (CentOS 5.2). Any hints are appreciated.

Jan Kuipers
Systeembeheer Lauwers College

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