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[Xen-users] 4gb seg fixup errors


I am running Debian etch on dom0.

I want to run debian unstable on one DomU, but I keep getting 4gb seg fixup errors, presumably because the libc6-xen installed there is much newer than on Dom0 (or perhaps there is some bug with Xen and libc6-xen version 2.7-16).

I have two questions;
1. Why does the libc version on Dom0 matter at all for DomU (if that is the case)? As far as I've read, you should be able to run Windows XP on a DomU, in which case there is no libc6.
2. Is there any other way for me to run debian unstable (or lenny, for that matter) on a DomU?

I opted for etch on the Dom0 for stability, but I did not realize I'd be handicapping myself with regards to the DomUs.

Best regards,
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