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Re: [Xen-users] How much RAM/HD-space does Xen really need?

don rhummy wrote:
I was just reading a book on Xen and it said that Xen will barely work with 1GB RAM and that it needs double the amount of HD space that the guest OS needs. Is that true? What has been everyone's experience?

Well it could be right, or it could be a lock of old rubbish - it depends on the context ! Yes, Xen is barely usable in 1GB of RAM - but that's because it's not very useful (for most setups) to have VMs with only 400MB or less of RAM each. I'm not sure of the figure, but the host with run in a fairly small amount of memory (2 or 3 hundred megs ?) and then you need as much ram as you need for your VMs.

Disk space is similar - you need a fairly small disk for your host, probably as little as 1/2 a gig if you keep it small and lean. Then you need as much disk space as your guests need - but not twice that. For straight disk usage, your needs as much as the clients need, but it can go up if you start using other features like LVM snapshots etc. And disk space can be on a network storage device.

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