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RE: [Xen-users] Noise level on Tyan S3970G2NR running XenServerExpress5.0


It might be that the problem is related to Powernow not enabling by
default on Xen. You could try adding " cpufreq=dom0-kernel" to your
el boot line (I'm not entirely sure if this is relevant to Xen
Server, it is needed for various Linux distributions running Xen).


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> I am just trying out XenServer - so far so good.
> But one think I noticed that is a bit annoying. My server is in my
> Its a dual socket Tyan S3970G2NR, quad core Barcelona Opteron, 6GB RAM
> a
> Adaptec RAID 2820SA array.
> Under native Ubuntu 8.04 or Windows Server 2008, when the server
> all
> fans and drives spin up quite noisily but then quieten down to
> levels. Under XenServer 5.0 they just stay running at high-volume.
> The AMI bios has some settings under the "health" section that seem to
> affect this, but I was wondering if someone can answer how/why
> handles this differently?

At a guess, the 'full speed fans' thing will be the default, and then
it's up to the operating system to turn the speed down (and turn them up
when things get hot). You will need drives for that which obviously
Ubuntu has but XenServer doesn't (unless it's a module that you need to

This list is more oriented around the open source edition of Xen so
you'd be better off seeking assistance through the XenServer support


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