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[Xen-users] After installing xen3.3 veth[x], vif[x].[x] are missing. tmpbridge appears

Hi All,

I have attached all the results which I see necessary to be examined, and moreover, that I find weird after installing xen3.3.1 testing with mercurial (hg) on CentOS 5.2 dom0.
Every single starting it shown :starting xend SIOCSIFNAME: Device or resource busy. This started when I would like domUs recognize the other NIC (eth1) but worse results I get on xen 3.0 (originally from CentOS5.2) then yum groupremove xen and installing xen 3.3.1 without libvirt (virbr0 annoyed me)
What bizzare are the ifconfig shows veth0, veth1, vif0.0 and others are missing. And "tmpbridge" appears.
So how do I remove "tmpbridge" and revive veth[x] and vif[x].[x] that missing? And how exactly the configuration for multiple network interfaces for domUs?
Please guys, examine my problems. If you need more data, please let me know. I'll attach it.
Please I'll be waiting and I thank you in advance

Best regards,

Eric Jansen

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