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Re: [Xen-users] hypervisor?

Brian Krusic wrote:
First, a warm hello.

Second, I use virtualization in a very amateur way by sticking with workstation type products; vmware fusion & workstation and microsofts virtual pc.

These have drawbacks as they require a host to run and a script to boot up the various guest os's as well as other short comings.

I am ready to take it to a new level, xen server and am really stoked!

I just installed xen on centos 5.2, very easy.

I am hoping to apply this hypervisor approach were I have some thin layer of a virtual traffic cop of sorts running 2 oses (centos 5.2 for a drupal server and rhel 5 runnning a zimbra server) on my Intelx64 box which is;

Intel Core
4GB mem

I just enabled Intel Virtualization Technology in the BIOS (it sounded good and probably relates to what I want to do).

Can some one direct me to some docs (haven't found any) on installing a hyper visor on my box and its requirements?

I'm pretty stoked to be getting away from vmware and using what seems to be a linux friendly approach.

 - Brian
Here is a tutorial from HowtoForge about installing Xen on CentOS 5.2. It covers install the Hypervisor and setting up some guests. Hope it helps.


Although it says it is for i386 it should also work for x86_64. Have fun.


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