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[Xen-users] paravirtual guest full screen + misc mac addy stuff

Hi all,

So I got a hypervisor installed (RHEL 5) and some paravirtualized guests running on my test box which doesn't have BIOS support for virtualization (but my production box does and will get the Xen treatment when I am finished testing both our Drupal-Intranet and our Zimbra servers).

Some minor issues;
- My virt manager gui won't allow me to view disk usage or network traffic. is this a function in a fully virtualized guest? - I can't go full screen. When i choose it, the windows shows a whole lotta gray dead space and the actual OS is still the same small window.

Also, my misc mac addy stuff.

I desperately need to have a DR in place for our floating license server. I G4L'd it but want to virtualize it.

The licenses are keyed to the mac addy and I've changed mac addys before for a few reasons.

has any one successfully virtualized a software license server?

If that thing dies, we are 1/2 toast.

We use Flexlm which has a redundant server approach based on using 3 servers but its a joke, works horribly. So virtualizing it would seem to provide for better recovery.

- Brian

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