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Re: [Xen-users] existing linux install and xen

On Thu, 18 Dec 2008, Brian Krusic wrote:

Hi all,

What's the best way to take an already running linux install and either paravirtualize or fully virtualize it?

On some of the newer xens they actually have a utility to do this
but if you just have vanilla xen 3.1 or so,
1) rsync the current contents of your bare-metal machine to a new
partition on the machine that is running a xen-enabled kernel
2) Mount the partition, chroot, and install a xen-enabled domU kernel
 in the partition
3) Change network files as necessary to show you are on a xen instance.
4) start up and go.

Steve Timm

I've got a linux box that has too many custom installs, etc... that would take forever to redo.

My goal would be to move it to the hypervisor machine thats running a few guests.

- Brian

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