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[Xen-users] pciback/front in Fedora 10 domU: should this work?

I'd hoped to play with the new wireless architecture in recent kernels, and so have (successfully) jumped through all sorts of hoops to get a F-10 domU running on a CentOS 5.2 dom0. However, there's some trouble getting the PCI wireless card passed into the domU.

The wireless device is bound to the dom0's pciback driver correctly, and the 'pci' option is set in the domU's xen config in the same manner as the other CentOS domU guests in the box that have PCI devices assigned to them. In fact, the same card can be passed to another CentOS domU and be seen with lspci. However, lspci in the Fedora 10 domU returns nothing at all.

Is pcifront perhaps disabled in the stock Fedora 10 kernel? What can I check to get more information?

Back to the original goal, is anyone aware of a quick way to get a domU up and running with a >=2.6.25 kernel (with the new wireless architecture) that has pcifront functionality?



This in the xend.log (with formatting):

[2008-12-21 02:05:52 3174] DEBUG (DevController:120) DevController:
writing {
        'domain': 'alfred',
        'frontend': '/local/domain/12/device/pci/0',
        'uuid': '9bdcb3c8-0c30-dc23-26b9-2f6935f09d45',
        'dev-0': '0000:01:06.00',
        'state': '1',
        'online': '1',
        'frontend-id': '12',
        'num_devs': '1'
        } to /local/domain/0/backend/pci/12/0.

This in /var/log/messages:

Dec 21 02:05:48 shangri-la kernel: ACPI: PCI interrupt for device 0000:01:06.0 disabled Dec 21 02:05:52 shangri-la kernel: pciback: vpci: 0000:01:06.0: assign to virtual slot 0

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