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[Xen-devel] GPLPV rivers 0.9.12-pre12 uploaded

I have just uploaded 0.9.12-pre12 to

Due to what I think is a problem with NDIS (network driver framework)
under Windows, interrupts were being dropped when the Standard PC HAL
was selected, causing the network adapter to stop working very shortly
after boot - possibly well before the login prompt comes up (eg appeared
to not work at all although it may actually get an IP address before

My workaround should boost performance by a bit, even when not using
'Standard PC'

The network adapter should also now show 'cable disconnected' when
booted with /NOGPLPV, like it's supposed to.

Just a reminder about that too - instead of /GPLPV enabling these
drivers, they are now enabled by default and you need /NOGPLPV to
disable them. I'll updated the wiki and docs once I release 0.9.12

Please test before putting on any production systems!

Merry Christmas!


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