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[Xen-users] Re: [Xen-research] ISO test Downloads Availability ?

Stephen: Does the xm/xen test infrastructure exist at all anymore?
I haven't heard anything on it. Is it something that Citrix (or someone)
would be willing to host again for Xen.org? (if there is enough interest).

The xm-test stuff may just work and need to be dusted off or maybe it
is in active use now?

Actually... it looks like there are patches against it that are recent.

Does anyone have further information on it?


On Tue, Dec 30, 2008 at 4:10 PM, John Smith <lbalbalba@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Todd,
> Thank you very much for pointing me to the latest live ISO images,
> that was exactly what I was looking for. However, I seem to remember a
> command or option to automatically send the compatibility or machine
> configuration to a Xen-Community controlled server. Do you happen to
> know what command or option that was, so that I can submit my results
> ? For example, the Wiki refers to the commands 'tools/xm-test/xm-test'
> and 'XenRT'. Are these still valid commands, and how do I configure
> them to send the informational results to the right server ?
> Thanks in advance,
> Regards,
> John Smith
> On Tue, Dec 30, 2008 at 9:46 PM, Todd Deshane <deshantm@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> On Tue, Dec 30, 2008 at 2:48 AM, John Smith <lbalbalba@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I seem to remember that there used to be ISO downloads of Xen
>>> available, for people wanting to give it an easy way for a test drive,
>>> and to submit (automated) feedback on which machines and
>>> configurations Xen ran (in)correctly. However, I do not seem to be
>>> able to find these ISO images for download at Xen.org anymore. Has the
>>> project stopped making these useful test images - and if so, why ? -
>>> or am I simply looking in the wrong place ?
>> xm test code is still available in the xen code
>> But all the docs and mailing list reference to it are quite out of date:
>> http://wiki.xensource.com/xenwiki/XenTest
>> http://markmail.org/message/2jvnvim3hokwfaqy
>> There are live CDs available [1], but as far as automated testing goes
>> you may want to check on xen-devel, there are a couple of companies
>> that send in weekly reports
>> For example:
>> http://markmail.org/search/?q=vmx+status+report#query:vmx status
>> report+page:1+mid:hoqsjbr5x3l2i7pe+state:results
>> Hope that helps.
>> Cheers,
>> Todd
>> [1]
>> Under: http://runningxen.com/resources/#chapter2
>> Xen Live CD: 
>> http://bits.xensource.com/oss-xen/release/3.0.3-0/iso/livecd-xen-3.0.3-0.iso
>> cached copy: http://runningxen.com/download/livecd-xen-3.0.3-0.iso
>> VMKNOPPIX: http://unit.aist.go.jp/itri/knoppix/vmknoppix/index-en.html
>> Under: http://runningxen.com/resources
>> under the heading "Resources Since First Edition"
>> VMKnoppix Xen LiveCD (other virtualization system support and lots of
>> other neat features)
>> http://www.rcis.aist.go.jp/project/knoppix/vmknoppix/index-en.html
>> The 3.03 version is still the latest released liveCD from Xen Source.
>> The VMKnoppix live CDs are a good alternative, with newer Xen packages
>> installed.
>> --
>> Todd Deshane
>> http://todddeshane.net
>> http://runningxen.com

Todd Deshane

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