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RE: [Xen-users] tap:aio

> > Btw, it is better to use tap:aio or phy where the underlying device
> > is a LVM logical volume?
> Was that a question? :-)

Yes. s/it is/is it/ :)

> Use phy for LVM logical volumes and tap:aio if
> it's a file on ANY partition (LV or otherwise). I've done speed tests
> both LVs and diskfiles and the LVs are faster but they don't trounce
> tap:aio disk file like you'd think. In several tests the file was
equal to
> the LVM volume.

Thanks for the confirmation. I just tried doing the backup exec restore
using tap:aio instead of file, but the DomU hung almost immediately
(after about 500MB of restoring). Could be my GPLPV drivers...


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