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Re: [Xen-users] Debian Kernel and Xen 3.4

On 03/06/09 17:35, Martti Kuparinen wrote:
Carsten Schiers wrote:
Just a guess: if it is bound to MSI, you could try booting with pci=nomsi on the kernel line. I had trouble in an Etch environment with Xen 3.3.1. I switched to Kernel and found it working for me now with Xen 3.4 and MSI enabled.

Same here, + Xen 3.4.0 works as good as 2.6.26-2-xen-amd64 + Xen 3.3.1. But thanks to you, now I also have Xen 3.4.0 working with the Debian 2.6.26-2 dom0 kernel.

Slightly off topic for this thread, but something which hasn't quite sunk in for me yet. You are running a Dom0 with the 3.4.0 hypervisor and the Lenny 2.6.26-2 xen kernel. The lenny xen kernel is (IIRC) patched with the 3.2 version of Xen.

So my question is, what is the difference on the kernel side between the different versions of xen? Is there any advantage of having the kernel patched with Xen 3.4 over 3.2?

Also, the new features in each Xen release, do these only require the updated hypervisor? Does it matter which kernel is running in Dom0 as long as it supports Xen?


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