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[Xen-users] Re: Xen is a feature

On Wed, 3 Jun 2009, Bill Davidsen wrote:
> Thomas Gleixner wrote:
> > Aside of the paravirt, which seems to expand through arch/x86 like a
> > hydra, the new patches sprinkle "if (xen_...)" all over the
> > place. These extra xen dependencies are no improvement, they are a
> > royal pain in the ... They are sticky once they got merged simply
> > because the hypervisor relies on them and we need to provide
> > compatibility for a long time.
> > 
> Wait, let's not classify something as "no improvement" when you mean "I don't
> need it."

It's not about "I don't need it.". It's about having Xen dependencies
in the code all over the place which make mainatainence harder. I have
to balance the users benefit (xen dom0 support) vs. the impact on
maintainability and the restrictions which are going to be set almost
in stone by merging it.

> Let's stick to technical issues, and not deny that there are a number of users
> who really will have expanded capability. The technical points are valid, but
> as a former and probable future xen (CentOS) user, so are the benefits.

Refusing random "if (xen...)" dependencies is a purely technical
decision. I have said more than once that I'm not against merging dom0
in general, I'm just frightened by the technical impact of a defacto
ABI which we swallow with it.

We have enough problems with real silicon and BIOS/ACPI already, why
should we add artifical and _avoidable_ virtual silicon horror ?



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