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Re: [Xen-users] Scheduled maintenance?

On Thu, 2009-06-04 at 06:28 -0600, Nick Couchman wrote:
> Scheduling maintenance is always a good idea, and if you have multiple
> Xen boxes that share the same storage, you should be able to
> live-migrate your domUs over to another server temporarily, then run
> updates and bounce your server, then migrate them back.  That's one of
> the really nice things about Xen - maintenance to the underlying
> physical system should be transparent.  Obviously this doesn't always
> work perfectly, but most of them time it should.
> I run SLES10 SP2, as well, and, although I periodically run into
> issues, they don't seem to be consistent or regular issues - I've had
> my systems up for longer than 60 days at a time and haven't had any
> issues.  I occasionally use the above method for maintaining them,
> though, so they get updated and rebooted every couple of months.
> -Nick

I've played with migrate a little, but I'm don't think I have enough
resources (RAM) on the other servers to be able to migrate all of them,
or even the few most important ones. 

I have one server with 8GB of RAM (that's been up for 116 days)
I have two servers with 16GB and another with 32GB ïof RAM.

The latter three share an ocfs2 file system so migrating is possible, at
least for the linux pv domUs. 


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