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RE: [Xen-users] Scheduled maintenance?

> I'm running xen on SLES10SP2. It's been much more stable than SP1, but
> still occasionally have issues.
> For example, one of my servers (8 CPU/32GB RAM) has five sles pv domUs
> and five fully virtualized windows 2k3 domUs. It had been up for
> 60 days. Yesterday afternoon one of the sles domU's stopped
> I went to check on it and I couldn't using virt-manager and xm list
> would hang. I ended up having to restart the server, which is
> a pain.
> Should I have scheduled maintenance to bounce dom0 once a month? This
> would probably save myself the headaches of the occasional problem.
> wondering what others are doing.

I haven't found the need to reboot my xen servers for any reason other
than security updates.

One had an uptime over 6 months (until a datacenter operator hit the
power button on my server by mistake) and another one has been up for
similar times.

The only problem I have had was on a test machine - once the domain id
got up to 2000 or so (very frequent stopping and starting of domains to
test migrations etc) it seemed to run out of resources. I haven't seen
that with 3.3.x though.


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