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[Xen-devel] Re: [Xen-users] Re: Merge Xen (the hypervisor) into Linux

So first in short, merging xen into a part of linux negates one of the central ideas, to focus developer power of different OS's to one compatible hypervisor.

Am 03.06.2009 21:05, schrieb Theodore Tso:

What would be lost is dom0 support for other OS's, but really, is that
such a major loss?

(all is based on my personal feelings and information!)
So my two cents here:

Yes, as for example Sun is one of the most active partys in the Xen community at all. They are going to make xvm (the name of xen in solaris) a real competitor with VmWare ESX. Even more Sun is responsible for a lot of cleanup and improvement on the hypervisor over the last years.
So to kick Solaris out might be a lot more than just the first nail...

On the other side why use linux as dom0?
just take a second to mind about OpenSolaris as dom0 (release state would close up soon to current state of xen), it gifts you zfs.


  Linux has far better device driver support than
Solaris or FreeBSD, so there is really that much gain in using some
other OS for dom0?

                                                - Ted

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