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[Xen-users] Increase VCPU count for DomU guest!

Dear All,
I am trying to set vcpu count to the domU which is not showing me desired result using 'xm vcpu-set <domain> <vCPU-count>'. My machine is AMD Opteron 2 core, and have rhel5.3 installed on it. I am running a ubuntu-8 hardy domU and tried to give both vcpu to domU but when I do 'xm vcpu-list', I see following output
Name                          ID               VCPU       CPU         State    CPU    
Domain-0                     0                  0             0           r--        0
Domain-0                     1                  1             1           r--        1
ubuntu-8                     2                  0             1           ---        any
I tried to add 'vcpu = 2' in the .cfg file for domU, but was not able to increase the vcpu count for domU to 2. Please suggest if it is possible to give both vcpu to domU and if yes, what is more that need to be done.
Thanks for your advice!
Ata E Husain

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