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[Xen-users] Making system templates


I am wanting to set up a bunch of system templates for my Xen servers, to save me from running some standard package installs and configuration. I can see 4 alternatives, but all seem to have issues and I'm wondering what works in practice:

1) LVM snapshot

Problem with this is that I don't see any way to change the disk size of the new disk ever. Fast though.

2) New device and block level copy (dd)

Seems to work fine, but the disk needs to be repartitioned and filesystem resized for bigger disks on the new guest. Takes a while.

3) New device and file level copy (cpio)

Can completely change the partition scheme and filesystem. Complex to do from dom0. Slow.

4) virt-clone?

I couldn't get this to work at all. Either the domU was running and I got "ERROR Domain status must be SHUTOFF" or the domU was shutdown and I got "ERROR Domain test is not found".


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