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[Xen-users] Xend stopped unexpectedly

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  • From: Tapio Salonsaari <take@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 10 Jun 2009 12:24:33 +0300
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I'm a new Xen user and I'm quite happy what I've seen so far. I'm
migrating couple our servers to xen and I encountered this "funny"
situation where xend crashes(?) but some of the domU's are still up and

It seems that since my dom0 doesn't have really much memory xend gets
killed by dom0 kernel due to filled memory. I'm not (yet) sure if this
is the case, but it seems that way. I changed dom0-min-memory setting
from 192 to 256, but since there's a lots of data traffic currently from
development services going to domU's I didn't reboot the machine yet.

And secondly, after I restart xend by hand via init.d I don't get proper
output from xm list (I stripped output a bit):
Name                                        ID   Mem
Domain-0                                     0   491
Domain-Unnamed                               1   128

There was 3 domU's running when the xend died, two of them seems to be
dead at the moment and third is running, which is shown on xm list, even
 tho 'Domain-Unnamed' isn't corrent name for the machine.

Basically the question I'm after is that is it even possible (or perhaps
even normal) that xend is killed by the kernel if memory runs out? And
is it possible to recover domU's and the rest of the system properly
when xend dies on the fly?

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Tapio Salonsaari

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