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[Xen-users] Need to choose a (free) hypervisor

I have been giving much thought to expanding virtualization across my small 
domain, as I have much hardware that is under utilized and could be doing so 
much more.

I have a production CentOS/Xen 3.4.0 system that I have a production 
CentOS/Hylafax domU system and a couple of Windows XP domUs running on.  It has 
run relatively smooth but I have concerns about stability and Citrix taking Xen 
in a direction that might leave me stranded.

The majority of what I need to virtualize would be windows servers, so I want 
to make sure I pick the right HV for that job.  I know that this is a Xen 
group, and I am partial to a GPL/Open Source solution, but I need to make sure 
I choose a solution that works best for the organization I support.

Here are the free (as in beer) choices, as I see them:

Microsoft Hyper-V
Sun xVM (does this even exist any more?)
VMware ESXi

I am sure that there are others.  All opinions are appreciated.

David Griswold
IT Manager
OneWorld Community Health Centers

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