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[Xen-users] How do I create an initrd for a vm that is using lvm ?

Hi All,

I am trying to create an initrd for a VM which uses LVM as its root
partition.  I am running the mkinitrd command a dom0 that also uses LVM -
dom0's volume group is "XenHost" while the VM's volume group is "VG_VM10"
(not sure if that matters).  I issue the mkinitrd command from a chroot'd
environment so I get the right /lib/modules & /etc/fstab - the VM's / is
used as the chroot base directory and the VM's /boot is mounted there as

When I boot the VM it does not seem to search for volume groups so I'm
assuming, maybe incorrectly, that the lvm module is not getting loaded by
initrd.  I see that mkinitrd has a --preload option but I am a bit of a
mkinitrd newbie and I don't know what the lvm module is called in the
kernel.  Any clues on how to do this ?


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