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[Xen-users] Building 64-bit Xen hypervisor on 32-bit host

Hello all

I have two machines, one with 32-bit CPU(host A), and one with 64-bit
cpu and VMX enabled(host B). Both hosts run under Xen with Debian Lenny
Dom0 and 32-bit kernels. Host A has Xen 3.4 and Dom0's kernel is 2.6.18
build from Xen source, Host B has Xen 3.2 and Dom0's kernel 2.6.26 from
debian repo. According to `xm info` output both hypervisors are 32-bit.
Both hosts runs few DomU's with Lenny kernels(paravirtualized) from repos.
For my research I need running 64-bit DomU (paravirtualized or not, I
don't know yet), therefore I need 64-bit hypervisor. I want build most
recent Xen (like 3.4 at host A) to have features like pvgrub, so how can
I do it? Can I build 64-bit Xen on 32-bit Dom0 or DomU and what should I
do? I can't find any options which will force build of 64-bit version,
only strange environment variable XEN_TARGET_ARCH at Makefile (at root
directory of xen source tree).  I prefer scenario described below

1. Build from source on DomU (I don't want install mercurial and dev
libs on Dom0)
2. Copy dist/ to Dom0
3. Install hypervisor from it

It would be great if I can only upgrade hyprevisor image on Dom0 and
still have 32-bit Dom0 and DomUs.


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