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[Xen-users] Virtual machine(s) performance questions


I am getting ready to convert a server from Uni-processor to xen. I am curious about a few things:

1) Is there an ideal disk setup for virtual machines? There are many combinations I could try. Here are some examples I have seen. Am I missing something? I assume the following in order of highest to lowest performance.

        - direct hard disk access to a raid0 partition...
        - direct hard disk access is the fastest
- direct partition access (with partitions shared with other vm's including dom0) - direct access to a lvm partition (lvm operations governed by dom0 or driver domain)

        - <insert other combinations here>
        - sparse file on dom0's filesystem.

2) It's apparent I should not assign more memory total to all domU and dom0 vm's. Are there proportions I can optimize with? How about the hypervisor: Should I allocate more memory to it?

3) It seems apparent that I shouldn't have more vm's and processors than physically exist. Is this true? How should I compute the total physical system load? Under a non-vm, I can look at the load averages of a system to determine how "loaded" a system is. Is there a way to do this with all vm's? xentop seems limited...

4) Does sharing filesystems between vm's work better with nfs or GFS?

Thanks for your info, and time...


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