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RE: [Xen-users] cluster snapshots

I am wondering if doing backups from domU allow me to do the backup of the entire domU image and their content.

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There are plenty of backup systems out there.  You could script it, or find a software solution for your DomU.  You'd just be backing up the system like it was a regular server.


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Thanks for the response. I have a cluster managed by OpenNebula, OpenNebula currently don't support virtual images in other places than files, that is to say, don't support LVM based virtual machines, this is for what I can not do domU Backups using LV.
The idea of doing backups using software inside of the guest domain sounds interesting for me. Could you please give me some examples of software for backups inside of the guest domain.
By Shutting down the guest during the backup, I would be interrupting the work of the user of the virtual machine, that is something I try to avoid. 

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