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RE: [Xen-users] present domU with 1 CPU with multiple cores


Thanks for your reply! Regarding the "xm vcpu-list": that's what I was looking 
for (RTFM). However I still have no luck with the cpuid. One of the example 
config files contains the following section for a one socket 8 core cpu:

#   Expose to the guest multi-core cpu instead of multiple processors
# Example for intel, expose a 8-core processor :
#          ebx=xxxxxxxx00010000xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx',
#     '4,0:eax=001111xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx']
#  - CPUID.1[EDX][HT] : Enable HT
#  - CPUID.1[EBX] : Number of vcpus * 2
#  - CPUID.4,0[EAX] : Number of vcpus * 2 - 1

Therefore I figured that for a single CPU with 2 cores I needed to change this 
as follows:


However my application still complains that 'The server has 2 CPUs, but this 
product is licensed for 1'. What am I doing wrong? I have a m1.xlarge instance 
on Amazon EC2, which exposes a single CPU with 4 cores to the OS and the 
application eats that perfectly. So it should be possible...

Also I cannot find any documentation on the cpuid syntax (e.g. none in the 
xmdomain.cfg manpages). Could anyone point me to that or just explain it to me?

Thank you very much in advance!

Best wishes,

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