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[Xen-users] cpu 100% after updating


Last friday, after making an update of my dom0 (opensuse 11.1,
32bits), domUs were usable. However, CPU load reach 100% when 
I try to shutdown a domU. Restart xend was not possible.

After re-installing dom0, all was OK ... before updating.
Updating --> same problems.

Finaly, I install opensuse 11.1 64 bits, with update, 
and now, for two days, all seems ok.

I spent a lot of time searching the web and I don't see any thing
about that, certainly because of my bad english.

So my questions: 
-       Has someone had the same problem ?
-       Is there a fix ?
-       Is only opensuse 11.1 having this issue ?

Thanks in advance,


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