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AW: [Xen-users] xenified 2.6.29 ready to use tar.gz

Hi Daniel,

i've tested your kernel with slight modifications to your .config (-> domU only)
on 64bit 3.2.1 and 3.3 as guest kernel.
Compared to the classic the guests are consuming about 25% more CPU,
network IO increased by about 15%, disk IO also. Memory footprint is about 10% 
Maybe there are better caching strategies built into this 2.6.29.
I'd like to try this as a dom0 kernel, but i'm currently out of spare dom0's ;)



> i have created a distclean tarball from
> http://code.google.com/p/gentoo-xen-kernel/downloads/list
> with these patches:
> http://dev.gentoo.org/~dsd/genpatches/patches-2.6.29-6.htm
> this results in xenified vanilla with some ext4 patches.
> You can get it here:
> http://x17.eu/linux-2.6.29-xen-r4-aka-suse-xenified-2.6.29-62.1.tar.gz
> http://x17.eu/linux-2.6.29-xen-r4-aka-suse-xenified-2.6.29-
> 62.1.tar.gz.md5
> following my working .config:
> http://x17.eu/linux-2.6.29-xen-r4-aka-suse-xenified-2.6.29-
> 62.1.config.tar.gz
> http://x17.eu/linux-2.6.29-xen-r4-aka-suse-xenified-2.6.29-
> 62.1.config.tar.gz.md5
> untar and be happy :)

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