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Re: [Xen-users] Xen network tune for fileserver in DomU

It's about the right tool for the job

One could use a school bus to drive to the mall. but I wouldnt.

Virtualization is great for business agility, its a great way to make use of unused compute resources, its a great way to affordably simulate a large network, a great way to partition systems that have different functions.

Xen doesn't help you build a (production) fileserver but it certainly hinders you.

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Using Xen for a fileserver doesn't make much sense. It's an inefficient
use of resources.


In other threads people stated that fileservers (nfs/smb) should _not_
be done from the Dom-0.
If you can't use neither DOM-0 nor DOM-U as fileserver, isn't that a
waste of resources?


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