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[Xen-users] xen cluster with heartbeat and resource fencing (SFEX)

Here is my (very experimental) setup:

- an heartbeat cluster with 2 nodes, with the standard RA provided for Xen.
- Xen kernel and hypervisor on every node, installed on local disks
- a SAN shared disk (with ocfs2) for domU's disk images (sparse files).
- Resource fencing with SFEX.

All with standard Debian Lenny packages.

My choice for SFEX (compared to STONITH) for fencing is due to this fact: the only shared data are the domU disk images, an the only way they can be corrupted in a split-brain scenario is when 2 domUs are started on both nodes at the same time. THis can be elegantly avoided using sfex, with the check of a shared disk, that works even if every communication between the two nodes is broken.

to obtain this, I've grouped every Xen resource with a correspondent sfex one.

Everything works fine, until I try to live-migrate a domU resource from node A to B: it seems that sfex causes the domU shutdown on node A, and restart to the B (instead of live migrate from A to B).

If I use only standard RA for Xen instead (without sfex), the domU is correctly live-migrated from node A to B, without shutdown.

Any suggestion (or any working cluster setup to recommend)?

Massimiliano De Ruosi

SEMEL (SErvizio di Messaging ELettronico) - CSIT -Universita' di Udine

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